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Transformation Policy: If anyone wants to record a podfic, remix, make fanart or translations of any of my stories, please feel free! :)

A highly relevant post!
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One of my least favorite complaints about Tumblr that people tend to throw around (without thinking) is that it's only good for pretty pictures. Like. Okay, I'm a child of a visual artist, and I've dabbled a fair bit in myself (got a degree in it too, although it's probably not worth the paper it's printed on, ha ha), so I know that if you look at an image and can only think that it's pretty, well, you probably need to think a little harder.

I know, we're constantly bombarded with images in daily life, and it's easy to grow numb. But still. More than pretty images! Like today, I googled Carrie Mae Weems, because of a post I saw on Tumblr. Should I have know about her before? Absolutely! But here's Tumblr, introducing me to another amazing artist. This happens a lot to me.

And you know, nothing will explode if you happen to use Tumblr and Dreamwidth/LJ at the same time. It's entirely possible to do so! Tabs exist!

In other news, maryrenaultfics has sadly closed its gates for the last time. I've explained my feelings here.

I swear there's a point in this post somewhere... Oh yeah, I want to post two drawings, based on The Charioteer and posted them on Tumblr. (Well, one drawing and one photo-manip, but who's counting?)

I now going to crosspost them here. It is all right if you think they are pretty. If you do not think they are pretty, but have other thoughts about them, I would like to hear them.

Under the cut is Laurie and Andrew.Collapse )

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Yuletide '14 Reveals Post!
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Happy New Year! I’m glad reveals are coming so early this year, it’s great to rid of the cumulative feelings junk for this year and start 2015 with a clean heart. Or whatever. I’m glad it’s over.

This year I wrote stories for The Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Charioteer, and Captain America RPF.Collapse )

The end of the year fic meme (OF DOOM)
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Stats Designed to Show How Lopsided My Writing Is

Total number of stories: 36 (including Yuletide stories written so far.)
Total word count: 137409
Gen: 7
Het: 6
Slash: 21
Femslash: 3

Longest: 32,622 words
Shortest: 215 words
Could possibly be a part of canon or future canon: LOL, none. Although 'Go Upon Your Knee' incorporates the most canon elements, down to some of the dialogue itself. But The Silmarillion is quite short on actual dubcon blowjobs.
Totally an AU: 5, maybe?

This is absurdly long and a 100% self-indulgent.Collapse )

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Req. Reading
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Hello, new Dreamwidth people! Welcome to niche corner, I hope you will enjoy your stay. :)

My sister is two years ahead of me in school. One of the cool things about that was that she would give me a head's up on what was coming in my grade. One of the things she shared was what book they assigned her class to read. Of course, being incredibly nosy, I would want to read those books too (even if they were Not On My Grade Level (tm) -- some books I loved (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe that I read when I was seven), and some I wasn't so fond of. Naturally, like older siblings everywhere, my sister wasn't above playing a trick or two on her credulous little sister.

Like this book, Hatchet by Gary Paulson -- was assigned to all sixth-graders at school. My sister told me, in confidence, that the novel contained a scene where the marooned main character, in dire straits, decides to eat the dead pilot's body. I complete believed her! I thought cannabalism was pretty heavy stuff for twelve year olds to deal with! Of course, she lied. When I actually did read the book and went to confront her, she played dumb. What? Huh? I told you he ate turtle eggs!

I've never trusted her since! (I kid, I kid.)

The good:

But yeah! Anyway. Growing up, I was always the weirdo who usually enjoyed the assigned reading. In high school and then college, I was assigned to read Crime and Punishment three times (I had read it first on my own steam), and I loved it more each time. The Great Gatsby? Oh, I love it. DAT LAST PARAGRAPH. Hamlet? Ham-yes! The House on Mango Street? MORE PLS.

In college, I wasn't an English/Comparative Lit major (although maybe I should've been -- the results would have been exactly the same), but I loved the classes I took in both of those departments. They introduced me writers that I'm still fannish about -- namely Dashiell Hammett and Rosemary Sutcliff. Good times, man. Good times.

The bad:

But of course, there were a couple of stinkers too. I will never like The Scarlet Letter, and not only because of the labored search for symbolism that always followed every discussion of the book. (Although. Is there any Dimsdale/Chillingworth out there? I'm asking for a friend. Or Pearl futurefic.)

Oh, and A Separate Peace. So awful, so pointless. I switched schools between ninth and tenth grade and guess what they both reading that year? My 10th grade English teacher, who was otherwise a very wise and kindly woman, absolutely would not accept the explanation that 90% of the class backed -- that Gene's actions only made sense if we assumed he was in love with Finny and then reacted from that. At the time, I thought she was a horrible hypocrite. Now I realize that it's entirely possible that she didn't want some conservative parents all up her grill, but...

Meh. There are better, more relateable coming-of-age stories out there.

So! Flist! Tell me about your assigned reading! Which ones were your faves? Which ones did you Cliff Note? Enquiring minds want to know!

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this meme is HAUNTED! (a horror-themed fic meme)
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It's that time of year again (if you're in the northern hemisphere), when the shadows grow long and the leaves scratch at your door. At least, you think those were leaves...

Isn't it the perfect time to settle in somewhere warm and cozy and think some blood-curdling thoughts? It's this time of year I miss sharp_teeth and even the little meme I ran a few years ago. So, it's sixteen days until Halloween -- why not do another one? All right! Let's do it, let me introduce you to this meme is HAUNTED!


- All fandoms and all pairings are welcome. Gen, of course, would be fantastic!
- The meme is active in both LJ and DW. Anon is on.
- Prompts and fills must be horror/supernatural-themed in some way. In what way is up to you.
- Prompt some, fill some! It's no fun if there's just prompts, y'know?
- Format your prompts this way, please: "FANDOM - PAIRING/CHARACTER - PROMPT". When posting a fill to a prompt, please use the following format in the subject line: FANDOM - TITLE (optional) - CHARACTER/PAIRING - RATING/WARNINGS (optional).
- Don't be an asshat. Bashing others users/prompts has no place here. In the immortal wisdom of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other.
- Questions and comments about this comment meme? Use the thread below.
- What to promote this? Why, thank you kindly! There's a code below for you to do just that.

With the banner:

Without the banner:

Historical RPF - Cold Blood - Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare
Black Books - From Old Tales - Gen
X-Men: First Class-Enclosing Dark-Charles Xavier-PG-13 [contains paralysis]
Thor (Movies) - no title - Jane Foster, gen
The Charioteer - Mary Renault, Bim Taylor's the life of the party, even when he's dead.
The Silmarillion, My cage has many rooms / Damask and dark, Lúthien(/Beren)
Sleeping Beauty - untitled - the princess woke up wrong [body horror, sex]
The Silmarillion - The Deplorable Word - Fingon/Maedhros [chose not to warn]
Harry Potter - Fred & George Weasley, they had a pact that whichever one of them died first would come back to tell the other twin what death is like
Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Lancia & Mukuro, what I'd give for ghosts

We now have an AO3 collection! Post there, if you wish! (Note: this is totally optional.)

haunted_meme on AO3

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Tide of Yules.
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So, the 2014 Yuletide schedule has been posted, so obviously it's a great time to talk about what we want nominated. Right? Right.

I'm definitely keeping close to the rules this year -- and probably won't have time to do a pinch-hit -- so it shouldn't be too hard to pick what I want this year. In theory.

Some possibilities:

- Leopold and Loeb RPF (Nathan Loeb, Richard Leopold, Clarence Darrow) - Because no fictionalized account actually touches on the absolutely strangeness of this case and the people involved. Hat tip to zopyrus for leading me to Thrill Me, which is fantastic, by the way.

- Maurice - bookverse. (Maurice Hall, Alec Scudder, Clive Durham. If they're already nominated -- which I assume they will be -- I'd ask for Kitty Hall, Violet Tonks and Anne Durham. But that's for the nominations post.) Woo! I feel guilty, a bit, because whenever I read something fantastic, I usually do want fic for Yuletide. But I do want fic for Yuletide.

Maybe meeting up again during WWI? Or any kind of future fic, really. I ended up low-key shipping Kitty/Miss Tonks because they both deserve more than they get, and I kind of want the reaction of his family to Maurice having chucked everything.

Also, an obligatory crossover with The Charioteer. (I know that there's one already, but still. More.)

Uh, the third place is kind of tricky. I know earlier this year, I wanted to nominate The Last of Wine (and I still do), but... Eh. I've been think of A Separate Peace, and how God awfully unsatisfied it makes me. Maybe I'll ask for futurefic with Gene and Brinker meeting up years later, in LA, for a some bitter banter. And hatesex ensues?

Maybe. It's difficult to tell. How about you, flist?

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They'll take you in their arms and then take out their knives
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Pick any paragraph or any passage less than 500 words [or more if you really feel like it] from any fanfic I've written and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it, what's going on in the characters' heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Personally, I feel like this meme is probably disappointing, in some ways, because I rarely have deep, intellectual reasons for writing what I write.

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Seven Days of Self-Promotion: Day Four, something you made just for yourself
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The Primrose Path (2548 words) by zeen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Charioteer - Mary Renault
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Hazell/Ralph Lanyon
Characters: Hazell (The Charioteer), Ralph Lanyon, Laurie Odell
Additional Tags: Caning, Dubious Consent, Boarding School, Canon Gay Relationship, Never to Play the Dane, Community: kink_bingo

Hazell, of all things. Good Lord, Lanyon only keeps an eye on him because he‘s such a misfit and people were giving him hell.

The thing is, I've always wanted to read Ralph/Hazell, but it's pretty thin on the ground. The AO3 tag for it turns up one earlier story, by AO3 user athousandwinds, who is, btw, one of the fic-writers I always envy because it feels like they have gone before and expressed things perfectly, so why do I, with my run-on sentences and typos, even try.

Why try indeed.Collapse )

The rest of the days.Collapse )

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The Obscure and British Commentfest rides again!
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Here's a nice graphic to lead you to it:

I've already gotten a very nice Macbeth/Lady Macbeth fill for it. (And it is hot.)

... I prompted a crossover of The Charioteer and Foyle's War because, ah, I have no idea. Both have doomed queer airmen? Also I would so love to see Ralph Lanyon and Foyle face off? Could Bunny be the murder victim, or should it be Sandy? It's all so much to think about.

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Hi! Thank you for doing this, mystery writer. I applaud you and your excellent taste in music! We're going to have some fun here. :)

The thing about writing song-based fics is that, even more than films, TV or books, we all experience music idiosyncratically. The song that to me obviously means X and Y, might to you obviously mean Z and A. I want to know about your interpretation. The suggestions I have below are just that -- suggestions. Feel free to be as faithful or free-ranging as you wish to be.

Likes & Dislikes.Collapse )

Okay! On to the songs.Collapse )

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I only have eyes for you~
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Art dump, I guess!

Mostly Maedhros & company.Collapse ) </center>

Legendary Ladies April has me seriously outclassed, but I'll persist.

Yep.Collapse )

And Cap 2 stuffs! Some A Softer World remixes, and one unrealistic picture of Bucky.

Yep.Collapse )

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Totally not a troll post.
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Poll #1964603 An Important Question

Sorry, but you're wrong about something. What do you have coming to you?

You have another thing coming!
You have another think coming!

What do I think? Well...

A long, embarrassing story. (Aka, happy birthday, Oshun!)
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I really don't do online birthday wishes -- not because I don't love and adore you all (I do), but because without technology reminding me, I forget all about anyone's birthday (except my own, I admit.) I mean, nowadays I log directly on to my filtered flist and never see the LJ main log-in page at all... All of this is just a long and rambling semi-justification for what's next.

Tomorrow is Oshun's birthday! And I know that because I have Europeans on my LJ flist who live in the future and can tell me these things. I had just enough time to fire up the Photoshop and make something. Oshun is a very special writer, and her Fingon/Maedhros stories were one of the very first Silmfic I ever read, way back when. Because I was a serious lurker back then, I never left any reviews (please forgive me) -- but those stories -- Maitimo and Findekano and A New Day very much influenced the way I saw these characters. When I started posting my own Silmfic, I was flabbergasted to see that she had reviewed something of mine! Wow!

That's what Oshun is -- talented, gregarious, and generous. (I hope you don't mind if I sometimes talk about you to my mom, and call you my friend from Brooklyn...)

Anyway, happy birthday, Oshun! I hope it's a good one, and you have a great year. You deserve it.

Under the cut is, well, a drawing of Fingon and Maedhros k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

...It is unknown if they are doing it in a tree.Collapse )

P.S. Everyone: I will try to be less fail-boatish about birthdays. Possibly, you might have to PM me to make sure the dates penetrates my thick skull.

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This is it, boys, this is war.
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So I am on a sorta-internet exile until I can see Captain America: Winter Soldier (hopefully tomorrow at 2 o'clock -- it'll also be the first time I watch anything in 3D!)

I've stayed pretty much unspoiled by stint of TS all the relevant terms about a year ago and not clicking on the tempting cuts. But you know what spoilers I am eagerly looking at? If you guessed spoilers for the finale of How I Met Your Mother, then you would be correct.

Flist, you know how much I love witnessing internet clusterfucks (as long as they don't involve stuff I care about) and the HIMYM finale has it all:

- First is the barneyrobin finale viewing post, which started happily as shippers saw their OTP get married in the second-to-last episode, only to end in FIRE AND BLOOD AND TEETH. (I felt for those shippers! I've seen enough HIMYM to know that Ted/Robin doesn't work at all.)

- Alan Sepinwell on Hitfix outlines how it all went wrong. There's a good lesson here for wannabe writers (like me) out there, and that is -- don't fall too deeply in love with your own cleverness! You might have a ending picked out way in the beginning, but your story might change so much that your original ending just doesn't fit anymore. The worst thing you can do is blindly sticking to a plan that was kind of shitty to begin with. Flexibility is good.

But Farzeen, you say, this is but common sense! Well, it turns out common sense ain't that common.

- There is a petition to change the ending. Thus far, fifteen thousand people have signed it.

- Apparently there will an alternate "happy" ending on the season 9 DVDs, but from what I've read, it's just going to be editing changes.

Idk. I'm ashamed to say that I've followed these developments more closely than I do serious politic events. I should probably feel guilty about this, but eh.

Spoilers in the comments!

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Sometimes when you're on, you're really fucking on...
comics → i batlove you too
I love the concept behind [community profile] jukebox_fest, because there are so many songs that I am dying to know the stories behind. (And some songs that are perfect stories in themselves.) Nominations start on April 17, but I'm going to put some candidates out there now. Please feel free to pipe in with your own suggestions!

Long ass list.Collapse )

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ATTN: Silmarillion fandom!
bros → thranduil + thorin

Hello, friends and enemies! I come to you with a request and a question (a requestion?) - ANYWAY. Remix Redux is nigh on hand! If you're wondering what it is, it's a pretty fun fic exchange where you offer up fandoms that you have at least written 5 x 500 words stories in (or 7 x 100 word stories in) and someone is assigned to pick one of those stories and remix it! 

Remixing is a lot of fun and really gives some valuable insights into your and other people's stories. So, yeah, remixing is supercool! And I would really, really like to nominate the Silm as a fandom for remix -- I know how big y'all are on drabbles and ficlets and stuff! 

If you're interested in participating in Remix and have the required amount of stories, could you drop into this Livejournal thread and say so? 

Thank you! 

Wow, I misunderestimated you.
comics → i batlove you too
I admit, I am reluctantly charmed The Last of the Wine. It really did grab me, and I've grown quite a bit fond of Alexias. spoilersCollapse )

The Queen's Thief series continues to be great! I went out (well, went to Amazon) and got the next two books on the strength of how much I liked The Thief. If only I had time to dedicate to reading it as quickly as possible...

Also, Renault-related:

Renault Exchange on Dreamwidth
An exchange for the contemporary Mary Renault novels
Sign ups 16 March - 23 March

March is shaping up to be crazy-busy (B2MeM! Real life! Yes, I ranked B2MeM before real life! This is my life now. Invisible Ficathon! Which I have not worked on... And now this!) I was actually hoping that the remix idea would catch on, but the exchange idea was more propular. Alas, democracy.

But more Charioteer fic (or Return to Night fic, or The Friendly Young Ladies fic) is not such a bad thing, right?

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I posted this song on Tumblr a few minutes ago. It gives me, as the kids say, a lot of feels. But as a Bengali person, even a failure of one (I can't even speak it properly -- on the otherhand, it's a very complex language and I was very young when I left Bangladesh) -- I'm obligated to love Tagore. And I do, because it's very easy to love Tagore. He love music and poetry and he painted, and he nursed a hopeless love for his sister-in-law, an sharply intelligent woman who was (clearly) trapped by the limitations put on by society. And Tagore was intelligent, sensitive enough to see it.

He was also very handsome. Here he is as a young man. Here he is as he's growing his famous beard. And here's the time he and Albert Einstein hung out. Probably talking about the cosmos stuff.

Anyway, the song, "Ogo Bideshini", at least this version of it -- was featured in the 1964 film, Charulata, directed by Satyajit Ray. It's based on a short story by Tagore, and features a lonely woman, who falls in love with her (worthless, imho) brother-in-law. Hm, I wonder where Tagore got the idea from?

Anyway, it's a beautiful song, even if you can't understand the words attached to it. I've heard it all my life, played by nostalgic parents and friends-of-parents, people who left Bangladesh (and India -- Tagore is something that Bengalis on either side of the border share) when they were quite young, usually, and made their lives in places quite different than where they had started. And even if they go home back, years later, of course, nothing is ever the same.

So, the song, to me, became inextricably tied to the notion of being away, of living your life in the foreign shores (that also holds Tagore's beloved foreigner.) You hope, of course, that this life away will be full of love and song, and loneliness is only ever a passing thing. But if it isn't, well, at least you can play this song again and remember a distant land that was once your home.

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Fic: Gold, Silver and Lead
gals  → pakeezah
Title: Gold, Silver and Lead
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Wordcount: 3,860
Pairings/Characters: Indis/Míriel, Finwë/Míriel (Background), Ingwë
Rating: Teen
Contains: Mild violence, minor character death
Notes: Written for Elleth for LoTR SeSa 2013.
Summary: A young Indis meets Míriel Serindë for the first time.

Read on AO3 | Read on SWG

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